Top 5 PPC Ad Network Except Google Adsense For Monetization

Hello, this is Suraj Kashyap. This is my first post on My Website, and I’m gonna share Top 5 PPC  Ad Network For Earn More Online. PPC(Pay Per Click) is also Called CPC(Cost Per Click) is an internet advertising model which is usually used for driving traffic to a website. PPC ad networks are pretty much prove models that can provide profits to the webmasters who publish ads using them.

But Which CPC/PPC Ad Networks should you join? or which one is the top PPc ad network? So here I have for you the top 5 PPC Ad Networks.

Before we have start this, The main thing is why you should have choose these Ad Network except Google Adsense. Because Google Adsense have very strict privacy policy towards their publishers, that you can’t use Adsense On Download Niches Or on any Adult website. Or one of the major reason is Google Adsense give very low CPC rate on Indian Traffic.

So just because of that reason everyone wants use best alternative of Google Adsense, who gives good PPC rate to their publishers.

  1. – Google Adsense Alternative

This Ad Network is officially offered by the Yahoo And Bing and this ad network pretty much gives you the idea about how dominant Google Adsense PPC is. will gives you the relevant ads, or you ca track the ads performance in real time. You can also control how the ads looks and it’s fit in your theme in  the right way or not. While the number of advertisers compare to Google Adsense, the approval process is become more difficult for many bloggers.

You must have the traffic from US, UK and Canada to earn a decent amount monthly or you must have high quality traffic on your website. You are also required to use English as your primary language.

Model TypeCPC, CPM, CPA
Minimum TrafficNone

2. Infolinks

InfoLinks- PPC Ad Network

InfoLinks- PPC Ad Network

Infolinks is the 3rd largest largest Monetization Ad Network After Adsense and Amazon associates. They have around  200000+Publishers in 130+ Countries. Infolinks is one of the most supplementary income source. The major feature of Infolinks is that you can use this ad network along with The Google Adsense, so it will increase you earning. They Don’t have any standard banner ads, because all the ads by Infolinks comes into the form of Hyperlinks and Minimized ads. So The visitor must hover their mouse point upto the ads link so then Ads Comes into in it’s full form.

Infolinks are native, free to use, work great with all the other Ad Networks it’s been very great interface with the user’s experience. The approval process is very short time and that’s why it’s based on your site content not on the amount of traffic you generated. Infolinks also have a Plugin For WordPress & Joomla that make your work more easy to place ads into your websites.

3. Adbuff

Adbuff is one of the strongest performing PPC Ad network for bloggers, because of their innovative and competitive RTB(real time bidding) platform. As the result publishers enjoys the highest CPC rate in the entire industry of Ad networks.

Adbuff - Premium Ad Network

Adbuff – Premium Ad Network

If you are a premium publishers who are looking for a high rate PPC ad network, so Adbuff is the first network you should look at.

Adbuff is a permium PPC ad network and have strict policy towards their Advertisers and Publishers. They are currently accepting publishers who have English websites and have major traffic from US, Uk, Canada And From Australia. Publishers sites required atleast 2000 visitors per day.  Approval time duration for Adbuff is take upto 5-7 days and every approved publisher’s websites get 25$ Welcome bonus on signing up.

4. Revcontent

Revcontent - PPC Ad Network

Revcontent – PPC Ad Network

Revcontent is one of the biggest content recommendation Ad network platform on the internet. Even though Revcontent is founded after so many years of his Biggest competitors Outbrain & Taboola,it has managed to play catch up exceedingly well and currently serves 100 billion content recommendations a month across the globe with a growth rate of 900% last year.
Revconent rejects almost 98% websites which applies for approval. Because they are target on the quality of the site content rather than the quantity. This strategy helps Revcontent for generate higher revenue, better engagements rates, and loyal audiences for their partners.

5. Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media - PPC Ad Network

Vibrant Media – PPC Ad Network

This is one of the biggest and strongest well knows PPC Ad network right now, and their premium brand advertiser can been seen in a lot of popular high value traffic sites. Their PPC rates is highest rates in the industry, but the thing is that they also didn’t approved every website for joining their program. They have consider that your site is a premium site and your website may have reach upto the half million page views in a month.

The types of ads Vibrant Media has are quite innovative, with 11 intext ad formats available to use. This includes expanding video boxes, multi-button videos and expandable flash. There’s also in-image advertising, which a lot of visitors find professional and unobtrusive.

So that is all the top 5 best PPC Ad Networks which have the highest PPC rate in the entire industry. Subscribe to my Mailing List to get the latest blogging tactics in your Inbox! Thanks For Coming.

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