How to Setup Facebook Instant Article For WordPress Step by Step Method

Hope you all have already heard about Facebook Instant Article, and wants to add this amazing feature on your WordPress site. In this step by step tutorial I will explain you about how to setup Facebook Instant Article on your WordPress website.

What is Facebook Instant Article?

Instant Articles were built to solve the major problem of – Slow loading of Websites pages in mobile web. In simple words Instant article is a Facebook Feature which allows you to load your web pages 10 times faster in a customized mobile format. It is actually based on the same technology using in Facebook Apps or mobile devices.

Instant article loads upto 10 times faster than mobile web pages. This amazing feature allows user to have a better user experience for internet. Many popular media websites using this on their website’s Facebook platform like BuzzFeed, Mashable and still counting. It’s very easy to spot Facebook Instant Article into you Facebook Feed because of the lighting bolt icon.

Facebook Instant Article

Reasons For Having Facebook Instant Article – Advantages

Like everything Facebook article have some awesome reasons to make you enable this on your WordPress site. The major reason is bellow.

  • Instant Article Receive 20% more clicks than any mobile web articles From the news feed.
  • Once someone clicks on the Facebook Instant Article he 70% abandon to leave the article before reading the whole article.
  • Instant Articles have 10 times faster load time than any mobile web page.
  • Due to speed user are more attract to your site.

Facebook also discovered that people on slower connection click 20 to 40% more on this Facebook Instant Article Feature. So let’s look at the thing that you need to enable Facebook Instant Article in your WordPres Site.

Things You Need To Enable Facebook Instant Article On WordPress

There is a few requirements for enabling the Facebook Instant Article on your WordPress Website or Blog. Let’s look out the all the things.

  • A Facebook Page of your WordPress Website which represent your Blog.
  • A Facebook App in developer panel of Facebook. (Will Show you how to create this later in this article)
  • At least 10+articles on your blog or site.
  • Instant Article WordPress plugin (Will show you how to setup this in this article)

Let’s get started for Applying The Facebook Instant Article in WordPress.

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Sign Up For Facebook Instant Article

First you need to visit the Facebook Instant Article website and click on the signup button to get started.


Now Facebook will ask you to select the page. Here you need to select the Facebook Page of your website on which you want to enable the Facebook Instant Article.

After this click on the check button for agreed for the Instant Article Terms & Conditions, and then click on the “Access Instant Article Tool” Button.

This will take you to the Publishing tool panel on your Facebook Page, which will now have an Instant Article Selection. Now you just need to prove the ownership of your website.(Just Like Google Analytics Tracking Code Integration)

Scroll down a little to the Tools section on the page and simply click on the claim your URL section to expand it. Facebook will show you the code snippets.

You just have to copy this code into your WordPress <head> section.

I will show you the simple way to copy this code into your website. You just have to install the Insert Header And Footer WordPress Plugin.

After activating the plugin for to the Settings>Insert Headers and Footers  and simply paste the code into the header section.

After that click on the save button to store the change that you have made.

Once you insert the code into your website come back to the Publishing tool of your Facebook Page in Instant Article section.

Add your website URL on which you have insert the code and them click on the claim the URL button.

The next step is to add and Instant Article RSS Feed to your Website. Here is how you can generate Instant Article RSS Feed for your WordPress site.

First simply install and activate the Instant Article for WP Plugin. Upon activation  it will automatically generate the Instant Article RSS feed for your WordPess Site.

You can find it by simple add the /feed/instant-articles after your blog URL. For Example:-

Copy your instant article feed URL and come back to instant article section of your Facebook Page.  Scroll down to the Tools section and click on the “Production RSS Feed” to expand it.

Paste your Feed URL in the Link section and click on the save button. Facebook will give you the Success message that your Feed URL is added.

Setup Facebook Instant Article in WordPress

Recently we have completed the Facebook Instant Article Integration with WordPress. In which you have installed the Instant Article for WP Plugin. Now you need to set up the rest of the settings of that plugin.

Did You Notice one thing, in your WordPress Dashboard a new option with the label of “Instant Article” Clicking on that option will take you to the Plugin Settings.

The plugin requires an App ID and an App Secret to get started. For this you need to create a Facebook App for your Facebook page to get those keys. Let’s take a look at how to create a Facebook App.

How To Create A Facebook App For You Page?

First you need to visit the Facebook for Developers website. Click on the drop down menu next to My Apps menu on the upper right corner of the screen next to your profile photo.

This will bring a popup screen. You Need to click on the Website option.

This will take you to the screen on which you have to enter the a name for your Facebook App on this setup wizard. After giving the name click on the “Create New Facebook App ID” button to continue.

A new popup will appear asking you for provide contact E-mail Address and select App Category for your App.

After this click on the “Create App ID” button to continue.

This popup will disappear and Facebook will now creating new App for you. On the quick start page, you will see new info about your App.

You just need to scroll down to “Tell us About your website”  section.

Enter you WordPress your URL here and click on the next button t continue.

Even though Facebook still asking you for more information but that is enough info to enter about the site.

You can now click on the “Skip Quick Start” button at the top right corner of the page.

This will take you the newly created App Dashboard. You will be able to see your App ID and See your App Secret you will need to click on the show button.

But Hold On! before you copy this keys you need to make you app live and publicly available.

Click on the “App Review” link from the menu on you left.

On the next screen you will see that you app is under development mode. You just need to click on the toggle button and switch it to “Yes” and make it your App Live.

Now click on the dashboard link and copy your App ID and Secret keys.

Now come back to your Instant Article Plugin’s setting page to your WordPress dashboard and paste your app ID ad Secret Keys There.

Click on the next button to continue.

The Plugin setting page will take you to a setting in which you see a Facebook Login Button. Simply click On That Button and login with your Facebook and give the necessary permission to the Plugin.

After giving the permissions, you will redirected back to the WordPress site.

Click on the Select page drop down menu to select your Page. Simply select your Facebook page.

Your WordPress site is now ready for Instant Article. There are still one more step is left.

Submit Your Instant Article For Review

Before you submit your article you need to confirm that you must have at least 10+ articles in your Instant Articles Feed.

If you have already published more than 10 articles on your website, but the feed is not showing all of them, then you need to edit your last 10 articles and simply click on the update button.

Once you are sure that you have at least 10 articles in your instant article feed, so you can now submit your instant article application for review.

Go to your Facebook Page Publishing Tool Settings in Instant Article Panel. After that click on the ‘Configuration’ link under Instant Articles on your left hand menu.

Click on “Step 2: Submit For Review” on the configuration setting page.

If there are no errors with your Instant Articles feed, then you will see a “Submit For Review” option go ahead and click on this button and send your feed for your review.

Howdy! Instant Article is now ready for your Website once Facebook team has reviewed and approved your request.

I hope this article is helped you to set up Facebook Instant Article For WordPress.

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