Top 5 Captcha Entry Jobs For Earn Money Online Without Investment

Captcha entry jobs is one of the most simple online work for the people who wants to earn 100 to 150 dollars monthly from their home by working in the free time.

Although the earning is not good by the work is too easy to do. Here is you need to signup for the companies who provides Captcha entry jobs, login to your admin panel and type the Correct Captcha Images to earn.

An average person with normal typing speed can earn 25$ to 80$ per month. You can withdraw money once when you reach the minimum payout threshold. You withdraw the money via paypal or wire transfer.

What is Captcha?

Its a simple program to prevent human from machine or software. Captcha used to avoid automated sign ups using some softwares and extracting data from websites using some data extraction softwares.

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How To Work With Captcha Entry Jobs?

You just have to go into your admin panel in such particular websites and simply type the text image in box and enter. If you typing speed is pretty good so you can earn decent amount every month.

How To Earn Money With Captcha Entry Jobs?

How To Earn Money With Captcha Entry Jobs?

Mode Of Payment And What Will be The Payment Method

The top 5 Captcha Entry Jobs Networks that I mentioned below will send you the payment once in the 2 weeks. And the Payment Method is Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer and some other payment methods are available.

Top 5 Captcha Entry Jobs Network

Some good sites are available for Captcha Entry Jobs. Register on this network and earn upto 0.5$ to 2$ per 1000 Captcha you solve at a time. Then you too can make good money through below mentioned online jobs sites and there is no need for investing any capital. Below are the top 5 captcha entry jobs sites.

  1. MegaTypers

One of the top Captcha entry jobs provider. This is also free to Join.

Most of the experienced & top typers earn between $100 (Rs.6000) to $250 (Rs.15,000) per month. Beginners can earn $0.45 per 1000 word images typed & experienced people earn $1.5 per 1000 word images typed.

They pay through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal Or Payzaa. You need an invitation code to signup this.

You have to entered an invitation code to signup on MegaTypers. Just Type “DF5A” in the invitation code box.

2. Captcha Typers

Captcha Typers is another best site network who provides Captcha Entry work. There are so many scam sites or people who ask for registration fee for the admin panel of CaptchaTypers. Don’t pay anything to anyone because admin panel is free.

You will get upto 0.8$ to 1.5$ for every 1000 Captcha you solve.

The rate of $0.8 is applicable between 9 am to 9 pm & the rate of $1 is applicable between 9 pm to 9 am. Minimum payment you can request is $2.

3. Captcha2Cash

There are so many people who are earning very good using Captcha2Cash. You need to download the latest software and you just have to work with the software.

Once you are logged in, you can find useful information like FAQ & other which help you to work smoothly with Cash2Captcha. You can receive your payment by Payza & Perfect Money.

Captcha2Cash pay you $1 for every 1000 text you type from captcha images.

4. 2Captcha

All can earn upto 1$ for 1000 Captcha you solve. Can also earn by referring program from 2 Captcha.

You can immediately start earning once you signup & login to the site. You can get paid by PayPal, Payza & WebMoney. Minimum Payout for WebMoney is $0.5, for PayPal is $5 & min. pay for Payza is $1.

5. PixProfit

Although the PixProfit is also a major one network across all the Captcha Entry Jobs network but the registration is still close. I will inform you about the registration through my Mailing List. For this you have to subscribe to Newsletter Subscription for get the latest updated right into you Inbox.

So these are the top 5 Captcha Entry Jobs Network to Join and earn easy money online. It is very difficult to work on all the sites simultaneously so you just have to choose one from these all the sites and start working to earn online. Best of Luck.

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