Top 5 Tips To Increase App Download For Mobile App Using Internet Marketing

Hello! thanks for coming here, if you are finding some ways to increase app download for your Android Application so you are at the right place.


You’ve finally built your own app, and you just got fall in love with your app design that works very fine in every device that you have tested it on. You may think that the niche you have founded is unexplored and there is no competition in such particular niche.

Tips To Increase App Download For You Mobile Application

Tips To Increase App Download For You Mobile Application

After few days of launching your mobile application into the market and on such app download markets you found that there comes a problem and that’s the big one “No One is Downloading You App”.

If this is the problem with you so don’t worry many of the software developers encounter the same problem with their mobile application after they publish there apps. If you a mobile application that you want whole world to use, so you can make it happen. Once your mobile applications starts to got download then you’ll be able to make some real money.

All it takes it’s a hard work and real efforts from you and the right knowledge to increase app download on the internet. So for learning the top 5 ways to increase app download for your mobile application, first let’s understand how apps download in the market by the users.

App Optimization – How it Works?

How Google App Store Optimization Works


In first of all the other things you must have to generate some app download is how the app store optimization works. Let’s get started with some basic app developing language.

If you are a blogger or an internet marketer so you must know about the SEO- Search Engine Optimization. But do you ever heard about the ASO – App Store Optimization?

App Optimization -How It Works

App Optimization -How It Works

These all two process are too familiar to each other that give your mobile application a massive success. You must know about a things related to the ASO is that the ASO has even greater impact on it’s listing than SEO does for it’s search results. ASO is what increase the visibility of your app in the marketplace. The higher you mobile application ranks into the market the more it will get download when the users search.

ASO will also helps you to determine about that the user is downloaded you app or not once he found it. Below I’m mentioning some major things that affects your App Store Optimization in market.

Positive Review

If your app got tons of positive review so it will help you to increase your mobile application on the App store. When user rank app highly, means it’s also rank higher in the search results for the App store. It will automatically helps you to increase your app download naturally.

App Download

The more download you got for your mobile application the more your your app rank high in App store. App publishers must aim for a particular amount of  app download monthly.

Keyword Relevance

If you ever do blogging, so you must know about the On-Page SEO it’s also just like that. If you contain popular keywords into your mobile application title and description so you may see more download for your app.


This is officially announce by the some popular app stores that, apps with a good record of revenue will got more visibility into the App Store. That will help you to increase app download.


Yes here we come, Baclinks is the major factors to improve your ranking it’s not matter whether you are doing SEO & SMO. If you can include backlinks pointing to your app so you can increase more downloads for your mobile application.

Social Proof

You mobile application must have social media property like a good maintained Facebook Page and And Google+ profile, because your app’s popularity across social media platform will help you to increase app download and give higher ranking in app search engine. With this thing, the motive of app store is that  checking that you people are responsive for your app or just ignoring it.

Doing this all things more effectively will help you to increase your app store visibility and ranking. This is how App Store Algorithms works from many popular app stores.

Now that we have collected the better understanding for App Store Optimization, so we can start for what we are here. Yes! Top 5 Tips to Increase App Download for your Mobile Application.

By Creating An Attractive App Icon

Design An Attractive App Icon For your Mobile Application

Attractive App Icon

Attractive App Icon

What is an App Icon and Why it is important? An App icon is visual anchor or logo for your product or mobile application. You must be thinking that a tiny piece of branding that not need to look attractive at all, so you are wrong.

The App icon help your mobile application to easily integrate your user, or in such cases An app icon is enough to tell the motive of your Android app.

You App icon is the first thing that have seen by any user in the App store, so the design or logo that you choose for your mobile application may define the success of your mobile application sometimes.

As the user scrolling the search result in App store so your app icon should be eye catching and recognizable that will pop up in the eye of the user.

You must make sure about the the app icon design and logo should serves the clear representation of your app. It should satisfy the needs of the user on which basis the user install the app.

This is clear and everyone know about this that app icon must be as straightforward  as possible. It does not include anything that appears in the confusing image in users eyes.

Tips – Use Make App Icon to create the an app icon that perfectly suits your mobile application.

Social Media Presence

Boost Social Media Presence of Your Mobile Application


As we all know that social media is now becomes a part of our lives now. Facebook, Twitter and So many other popular social media platforms we are currently using. Almost half of the population across the world are currently using these all social media platforms.

Must Read – How To Setup Facebook Instant Article For WordPress

Before you decide on which social media platform to use to build your social media presence, you must have to decide on which point your are starting from. It all means that social media voice must match your personality.

When posting something or any updated related to your mobile application on your social media handles use your written voice consistently. If your app is something related to some crazy shits, so don’t bored your audience with those bland business languages. You lines and words that may attract more users to your mobile application.

Here I’m going to mentioned some popular social media platforms that you must use to promote your mobile application to increase app download.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr

Normally people use to post things related to their app for just promotions and marketing purpose. Post things that convert more users to towards your app and brings more engagements for your social media accounts. Reply on the comments you got on your Posts in your app’s voice.

Must Read:-  Every social media platforms have it’s own terms and conditions for promotion and marketing things. Make sure you are not doing violation for their terms and service while doing promotion for your app and try to build loyalty.

In-App Referrals Marketing

Users Do Marketing For Your Mobile Application

In-App Referral Marketing

In-App Referral Marketing

The In-App Referrals is considered a number one strategy to to increase app download for your mobile application. This method is also recommend by most of the app developers across the worlds to increase your app downloads.

First let me clear you about what is In-App Referrals? I know that you already know about this as your are an app developer. I’m writing this for those who haven’t heard about this ever.

In addition of the mobile apps, in B2C(Business to Consumer) businesses, the referral maketing is already proved a lot to the people. Still this is the best way to engage more people towards your app. As we all already know there is so many so many companies is already doing the referral marketing like Google Tez and Uber. But these major industry becomes into the referral program from a business staple.

How In-App Referral Works?

To learn it practically let’s take the example of How Uber Does It? When you send the invite to your friend using WhatsApp or Facebook for an App Download the message your friend got “A Gift From Me to You, Claim your gift voucher of Rs.150”. Once you friend signup on the app using your invite link and book the first cab ride so you both got the discount of Rs.150 on your rides.

This referral does the all new two people connected with the app. You get the incentive your friend got the free ride and you got the credit. After this the company got two users. This is how In-App referral marketing help to increase app download for your mobile application.

Give The Best Title & Description For You App

Name & Describe Your App Properly In App Store

App Title & Description

App Title & Description

A Good title means everything to for your mobile application, it’s the difference between people knowing your product and how they tell other  about “This App in My Phone”

So, if you wants your app to be people minds for long time, than your app title and description must be appropriate and unique. For considering more with your app name you can take help of your friends and colleagues as well. I’ve mentioned some major things and provisions for this you must read before you choose a perfect name for your app.

  • Don’t use anyone’s app name same or which is already in use. Always search extra before choosing any name or click the publish button, or you might have a face-to-face with a lawyer.
  • Keep you app name short and unique. It must me sweet and easy to speak, that will remain always into your users head.
  • Always do your best to choose a perfect name for your mobile application. Make sure the name also must describe the motive for your app. This can make users don’t scroll more into the search passing your app while searching for something that fill their needs.

While typing the app title for your app, the app store give your 225 words character limit. In which you should have use only 25 of them, is that all gonna show in the search result of app store so make sure those character use wisely.

On the other hand when it comes to giving the description for your mobile application in app store is were you must take care about the ASO for your App. If you are blogger so you must know that there is a meta description in the post’s SEO part this, in ASO you must also do the same. You must enter the appropriate meta keywords into the description of your app that related to your app niche.

So you don’t need to pack it with keywords only, enter all the features and social media handles of your mobile application in app store. This will help you to do ASO for your app more efficiently.

Using Eye Catching Photos & Videos

Always Do Your Best For Making Photos & Videos

Eye Catching Pictures & Videos

Eye Catching Pictures & Videos

Here we come on the major part of this post is that one of most important aspect of your app description is Photos, Videos and Screenshots that you used.

You must such images that contains the actual feature of your mobile application. You also make sure about that you highlight picture who tells the most needed feature of your application, this can encourage more users towards your app. Screenshots is the second major things is what users see after your app icon before they comes to your app page into the app store from the search result.

A good combination of Photos and Videos can make user immediately  download your mobile application by hitting the download button. Here I mentioned few ways to create eye-catching photos and videos for your mobile application to increase app download.

  • Always make sure that the screenshots your are providing will present the actual features of your mobile application.
  • Make Sure your screenshots contains the different aspects of app in action mode.
  • Include arrows and ways to do use feature of your apps that indicates to uses is how he/she can use your app.
  • Always try to convince your visitors that your have the better app design than your competitors have.

If you have the necessary to tools to create the Photos and Videos for you mobile application, but if you don’t have so you can hire such people and agencies who do this work for you. You can find/buy some fine video editor application from the internet like Apptamin.

Final Thoughts!

To generate more download for your mobile application is not that much easy to accomplish. Bu if your practice more and more and follow this 5 tips so you can see the instant boost into your app download.

At last I’m just giving you an extra tip or you can say it’s an advice, The iTunes store and Google Play Store sometimes change the factors on which bases that they have consider to rank your mobile application. SO always be on the top of the industries to get the latest updates and trends. Th’s way you always stay high in the app store ranking. You can also find the latest updates for these app stores by subscribing to our newsletter. Form below.<3

If you all do it seriously so you can see feel some good confident to increase app download for your mobile application.

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